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ife takes us in the embrace of its thousands of irresistible charms. Nothing stops us from living Life to the fullest. Amidst all its adventures, we sometimes lose a loved one in the hands of Death and do not even get to bid a final goodbye or even hold hands for the last time. The last rites silence all that was once vibrating with the forces of life. 

Our is an online service that offers you a cause to live on whenever death creates a void in the stream of existence. Our motto is to keep the memories of your loved ones alive. Dedicate a few minutes of your life in building a Memorial Page. Talk with an aching heart in the pain of losing a dear one. Reach out with your condolences through our online chatroom. Take a Tour of all that we have in offer. You may care to post a small fee on certain services for our sustenance in the dot com venture and help make our creativity more user-friendly. Every penny you pay goes toward sustaining a creative mind programmed at your service. Come, let's cherish memories to last an eternity.

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